If you are looking for a weekend getaway ,then located just 65km and a two-hour drive away, Torna fort is a medium to a fort to trek near Pune . As we all know Pune is blessed and surrounded by the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges which only means that there are many many forts in and around Pune . One such  fort just two hours away from Pune is the fort TORNA.


The Torna  fort  it is also named as  Prachanda Gad which means huge and massive and gad means fort in Marathi. Torna fort has the elevation of about 1403 metres or we can say 4603ft above the sea level . It's the highest hill fort located in the Pune district, state Maharashtra  and it is the major tourist attraction. The base village named velhe is situated 50km from the city of Pune.


This was the first fort to be captured  by the King CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ in the year 1646, when he was just 16 years old. Torna fort become the first fort of the MARATHA EMPIRE (SWARAJYA). Torna fort have been constructed by the Shiva Panth, he was the follower of Hindu God Shiva. In the 18th century , Mughal Empire gained the control of this fort after the assassination of the king CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ'S son CHHATRAPATI SAMBHAJI MAHARAJ. Then Aurangzeb the Mughal Emperor renamed this fort as "Futulgaib" in recognition of the Mughals. It was again restored to the Maratha confederacy by the Treaty of Purandar.


Torna fort is a popular destination for the trekkers. The trekkers can follow two routes to reach the TORNA fort , such as the Torna trek from the village  Velhe and the other trekking route is from the fort Rajgad. It will take around 2 or more than 2 hrs to explore the overall fort. Once you reach at the top of the fort you gonna enjoy the beautiful view and the nature and  feel the breeze of the Sahyadri Mountain Range. There are two machi's at Torna fort one is Budhla machi and second is Zunjar machi, while climbing or trekking you will see the Kothi Darwaja , Konkan Darwaja, Bini Darwaja and you can take the blessings of lord Shiva at Menghai goddess temple , Tornajai Goddess temple etc. Best time to visit the Torna fort is after the monsoon from September to December, March. We all can stay in the Menghai temple, you can carry your own tents , camping equipments . The Rajgad, Raigad , Lingana , Sinhagad, Purandar forts are seen from the Torna fort.


The fort is about 50km via Pabe ghat of Pune at the village Velhe. Also we can go from Pune via Satara road and take right at Nasarapur village this is about 65km distance.


Best time to visit the Torna fort is after the monsoon from September to December, March.


The fort is open all year around .


The entry to the fort is free.

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