"The Perfection of Nature": Assam

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"When you visit Assam, it stays with you". A Tough terrain had protected Assam from invaders in the past. Today, it has made the state an incomparable outbound destination. Assam is the great places to visit with yourself to just not explore nature but explore the inner you. The wildlife and the cultures of Assam will blow you mind. Beautiful manicured Golf Courses will force you to love the Golf. The Handcrafted materials and the handcrafted clothes will make you pride of outlooks. Assam is the melting point of Diverse Faith.

Synonymous with picturesque natural beauty, teeming wildlife, immaculate tea gardens, amazing river cruises, revered temples and warm, beautiful people, Assam is a mosaic of various cultures and religions. From pilgrimages to wildlife safaris, to cruises on the mighty Brahmaputra, to visiting the vast tea gardens of Asia's oldest refinery, Assam has much to offer.

Official Site for more contact with Assam Tourism Twitter Handle, Youtube Channel.

Places to visit in Assam

  • Kaziranga National Park

  • Guwahati

  • Manas National Park

  • Majuli

  • Jorhat

  • Tezpur

  • Dibrugarh

  • Haflong

  • Shivsagar

  • Dibru Saikhowa National Park

  • Tinsukia

  • Goalpara

  • Hajo

  • Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Tea Garden

Assam provides everything as per traveller need.

Famous Foods and Snacks of Assam


  • Khar

  • Masor Tenga

  • Naroxingho Masor Jul

  • Pura

  • Poitabhat

  • Pitika

  • Pickle

  • Chutney and salad

  • Bora

  • Fritter

  • Some other preparations

  • Beer

Snacks and cakes

  • Jolpan

  • Pitha

  • Laru

  • Tea

Famous Festivals of Assam

  • Ambubachi Mela ar Kamakhya Temple - Month of June

  • Raas Festival at Majuli- Month of November

  • Doul Utsav at Barpeta- Month of March

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