"The City of Landscape": Mizoram

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

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Mizoram is situated at the Northeastern State of India bordered between India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. Mizoram is the land of the Mizos or the Highlanders who belong to the Mongoloid race. Mizoram is the most iconic places for nature lovers. The dramatic landscapes mountains hills and pleasant climate will make your soul enlightened. The state is rich in bird diversity, which has the potentiality to make it a major birding destination. Foreign tourists are required to obtain a special permit before visiting Mizoram called "Inner Line Permit". The morning at Mizoram is still in the dreams of thousands of people.

Most of the population of Mizos are belongs to Christianity. Though most Christians and greatly influenced by the Western lifestyle, the Mizos cling to their rich cultural heritage, colourful customs and lively traditions. The festivals and dances of the Mizos have a unique tribal flavour. Other than Christmas and New Year's Day which are the most popular festivals, Chapchar Kut, a festival marking the end of the laborious clearing of jungles for the year's cultivation during the first week of March, is another occasion celebrated with much gusto. The most popular dances of Mizoram are Cheraw (Bamboo Dance), Khual Lam (Dance for Guests) and Chheih Lam (Dance of Joy).

Top Places to visit in Mizoram

  • Aizawl

  • Murlen National Park

  • Serchhip

  • Thenzawl

  • Hmuifang

  • Reiek

Famous Festivals Celebrated in Mizoram

  • New Year (January)

  • Chapchar Kut (March)

  • Lyuva Khutla Festival (March)

  • Anthurium Festival (September)

  • Paryatan Parv (October)

  • Winter Festival (December)

  • Christmas (December)

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