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Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

Updated: Mar 11

A rainbow applier of colours but not the regular seven, water behaves like artificial rain and people looking like chameleons covered with colours. Yes, you guessed it right! Its Holi the festival of colours and music. As Holi is celebrated as a festival which signifies the win of good over evil. So, that’s why its celebrated with bright colours so it could remove darkness from inside you and bring happiness. A festival which brings people together no matter the age from elders to young once. A place where joy and craziness go hand by hand. If you’re looking for a place which can give you unforgettable memories it has to be Mathura for sure.

Mathura a city in Uttar Pradesh, situated in between Delhi and Agra, most know for Lord Krishna birth place, the Hindu God. Legends say that lord Krishna and Radha played Holi in Mathura. The city is also known as Braj. The Holi festival here starts with Holika Dehan. In the town of Falin which is 30-35 Kilometres from Mathura. Holika Dehan is a must watch there, they have a huge bon fire where the head priest of the temple walks through fire. You can even feel the fire when it starts when you see it you just feel the shocked and amazed at the same time. After that the next day is celebrated as the Rangwali Holi.

Temples throughout are decorated the entire temple just comes under a colourful cloud when the festival kicks off the view at that time is just mesmerising people get devoted for this, they just throw their body towards the songs and enjoy the festival at its best. Making it one of the best places to celebrate Holi, as a colourful, musical arena at the Dwarkadheesh Temple.

You can get the Braj getup in Mathura its really awesome you should try it once. The other thing which you should try is ‘Bhang’, in addition to this all there is also Pedha(a sweet) and Lassi are must have as they are specialities of the city. As for the festival you should and must visit this place once in your life and don’t forget to bring a extra pair of cloths as old ones are going to change their colour.

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