"Land of Jewels": Manipur

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Manipur Tourism

Manipur is located in the North-eastern corner of India bordering Myanmar. Manipur is sheltered in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas. Manipur is considered the Gateway to South East Asia. Hinduism is the major religion in the state, closely followed by Christianity. Other religions include Islam, Sanamahism, Buddhism, Judaism etc.

Blessed with an amazing variety of flora and fauna, 67% of the geographical area of Manipur is hill tract covered forests. Depending on the altitude of hill ranges, the climatic condition varies from tropical to sub-alpine. In Manipur, they abound in their natural habitat growing in soil or on trees and shrubs speaking their beauty and colour, stunning the eye that is not used to seeing them. in such profusion. There are 500 varieties of orchids which grow in Manipur of which 472 have been identified.

The people of Manipur include Meitei, Naga, Kuki, Meitei Pangal and other colourful communities which have lived together in complete harmony for centuries. These are the people whose folklore, myths & legends, dances, indigenous games and martial arts, exotic handlooms & handicrafts are infested with the mystique of nature. The wonders have no end in Manipur.

It is a land of festivals and almost every month the people of Manipur get together to celebrate various festivals which reflects its rich culture, traditions and religious practices. Yaoshang, Gaan Ngai, Cheiraoba, Lai-Haraoba, Kang, Heikru Hidongba, Kut, Ningol Chakkouba, Mera Houchongba and Lui Nagini are just some of the festivals celebrated by different communities in the state.

Rich Culture and festivals of Manipur.

Official Site of Manipur Tourism and Twitter Handle and Youtube Channel for further updates.

Top Destination in Manipur

District wise destinations

  • Imphal East and Jiribam

  1. Two War Cemeteries at Hatta Golapati and Kaboleikai

  2. Shree Shree Govindajee Temple, Palace Compound

  3. Santhei Natural Park at Andro

  4. Mutua Museum at Andro

  5. Silheipung Garden, Lamlai

  • Imphal West

  1. Kangla Fort

  2. Shaheed Minar

  3. Ima Market

  4. Nupi Lal Memorial Complex

  5. Manipur State Museum

  • Thoubal and Kakching

  1. Khongjom War Memorial

  2. Kakching Garden at Uyok Ching

  • Senapati and Kangpokpi

  1. Dzuko Valley

  2. Yangkhullen, Makhel and Willong in Senapati

  3. Haolaipai Supao Keikulu cave in Phubal Thapham

  • Churachandpur and Pherzawl

  1. Ngaloi Waterfall

  2. Tonglon Cave

  3. Khuga Dam at Mata village

  4. Kaihlam Caves

  • Bishnupur

  1. Loukoi Pat

  2. Red Hill (Lokpaching)

  3. Sadu Chiru Waterfall (Sadar Hills)

  4. Loktak Lake

  5. Keibul Lamjao National Park

  6. I.N.A., Moirang

  7. Sendra Tourist Home

  • Ukhrul and Kamjong

  1. Shirui Hills

  2. Kangkhui Lime Caves

  3. Ango Ching

  4. Kachouphung Lake

  5. Azoa Jenephiu Magi Lake near Kachouphung

  6. Cold Water Fishery Project near zero point Phangrei, Shirui

  7. Saline Springs at Rajal KI.And Kn., Marem, Maramphung

  8. Kalhang, Luireishimphung

  9. Longpi Pottery at Longpi

  10. Chingjui Matza

  11. Nillai Tea Estate on the way to Tolloi

  12. MATA Industrial Complex., Lungpha

  • Tamenglong and Noney

  1. Tharon Cave

  2. Zailad Lake

  3. Barak Waterfalls

  • Chandel and Tengnoupal

  1. Moreh Border Town

  2. Bro Waterfall, Chandel

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