Ladakh "Where heaven meets the Earth"

Some places on the earth are really as beautiful as heavens of nature. Whenever we leave such a beautiful place you carry it with you whenever you go. What makes it so special? why people love to visit them? Why should you visit it?

Describing the place as soon as plane landed, the air-hostess announced that we were approaching Leh airport and the captain had turned on the fasten seat-belt sign. As I eagerly peered out of the little aircraft window, I cached a glimpse of vast, barren desert, a wonderful picturesque which reached to the bottom of heart. It is the place famous for breathtaking landscape, the crystal-clear skies, the highest mountain passes and thrilling adventures. Not only it’s the only place in India where the graceful double hump camels were found but it is also a place where you find magnetic hills. When you’re about to reach Ladakh, the very first glimpse of this snow laden heaven brings a twinkle to your eyes! Just imagine looking down on a silent, placid, greenish blue lake – beautiful, isn’t it? that was a welcome I can never forget.

Ladakh is accessible throughout the year by air and road. There are daily flight options from Delhi, Srinagar, Jammu and from other locations. The best time to visit is in summer between June and October when the temperature is pleasant. Due to its high geographical altitude, oxygen levels are low. There is a local hospital available, if needed. There are number of options available for accommodation in Leh and Ladakh. Ladakh is pretty safe and secure. Security forces at various check posts en route can still stop you and ask you to turn back. Being one of the safest parts in India, feel free to travel to Ladakh and fall head-over-heels in love with it. Everything around is divine, spiritual and safe!

The best time to visit is in summer between June and October when the temperature is at its most pleasant. November invites heavy snowfall and temperatures drops drastically to negatives.

The reason behind gaining popularity of Ladakh is rapid mobile network and internet which has brought people to connect with the outside world, giving them a clearer idea of what the tourists need. From luxury hotels to economical guest houses everything is available in Leh to suit every budget.

The public transport buses between Ladakh and other parts of India (Manali, Srinagar and Kargil) fly up to Leh. If you are traveling solo, you might want to join other solo/ group travelers.

Here you can buy everything from woolens, silk scarves, gasoline lanterns to local beaded jewelry.

Ladakhi cuisine is mildly spiced with loads of butter to keep the body hydrated against the dry mountain weather. Every evening you can stroll to the market where vendors have set up shop on the pavements offering spicy kebab rolls and hot tea with butter. The city of leh ladakh which is known by its trekking, cycling, camping, safaris and so forth, this is also a perfect vacation. But a perfect vacation is incomplete without taste of the local traditional food. This place is very well known for its diverse cuisines dishes that are definitely going to attract you to visit this place again and again.

1. Thupka:

Thupka is a delicious cuisine in the local area. Thupka is basically a

noodle soup with boiled veggies, chunks of chicken, pork and beef. all

these mouth-watering ingredients are served with spicy chutney to

enhance the value of dish.

2. Khambir:

Khambir is a traditional bread. This bread is brown in color which is

prefer by locals of lehladakh.

3. Tigmo/Teemo:

This is one of another superb cuisine you must never miss in Leh

Ladakh. This is a sweet dish.

4. Momos:

This dish defiantly not new to all people. A steamed bun with

wonderful stuffing makes your day and your vacation a memorable


5.Yaak cheese:

This cheese is totally different from our what we eat in regular basis.If

you have beento Ladakh and tasted these cuisines you make your

vacation in Ladakh a memorable one.

Chadar Trek:

Chadar trek is one of the most difficult treks of the great Himalaya range. Trekking in Leh Ladakh in winter the most promising and thrilling one’s trek is chader trek. If you want unique experience then you should definitely try trekking in leh ladakh during winter. Discover the largest frozen waterfall in the region and visit the bridge connecting Leh to Zanskar. While trekking u can see some rare wildlife such as Ibex. The trek is not simple buts its challenging adventure that will test your strength with harsh weather.

Here we can get experience of some things:

Watch sunset from Shanti Stupa.

· Spend a night under the stars and relax in tent next to bonfire

· Discover the largest frozen waterfall in the region and visit the bridge connecting Leh to Zanskar.

· Visit the Naerek Village and interact with the locals to understand their culture and lifestyle.

Snow Leopard Trek:

One of the most popular treks in Ladakh. The snow Leopard trek is one of the best things to do in Leh Ladakh in winter. Snow leopard is also called Ghost of the Himalaya as it is beautiful to see but rare to sight. Snow Leopard trek is one of the most thrilling and exciting experiences.

The trek is full of challenges and adventures and surprises gives you popular Rumbak valley.

Here we can get experience of some things:

· Enjoy panoramic views of nature and the Leh Palace.

· Visit famous sightseeing spots around Leh, such as Gurudwara Pathar Sahib.

· Enjoy panoramic views of nature and the Leh Palace.

Khardungla – Nubra Valley:

You have spent overnight in Royal Desert Camp or any other camps in Nubra Valley. you can experience several adventure

activity such as Camel ride, trekking, desert biking safari, there are sand dunes.

The Pangong Lake:

The panoramic lake with its breathtaking views surrounded by majestic mountains was a treat for the eyes and soul-soothing. Situated at an altitude of 14,000 feet above sea level,

this lake was fascinating in every way and a day was right.

Must experience:

apart from this scenery. There are many other experiences. The Shanti Stupa in Changspa, is a true haven located in the midst of the great mountains.

Shanti stupa:

The white-domed structure perched on a hilltop was built by Japanese monks to promote world peace.

Not only is it of religious significance, but it also offers one of the best views of Leh. this is the

best place to catch a sunset. you can see the entire city, the mountains and the monastery while standing here.

The most powerful attraction of Ladakh is the Pangong Lake which is one of the most peaceful and

beautiful place in the planet. Which is Absolutely mesmerizing place. There is much to see,

much to cherish and much to bring back from a trip to Ladakh. Hemis Festival:

The Hemis Festival in Ladakh in the month of July which held at the largest monastery of Ladakh.

the Hemis Gompa, which houses around 500 monks. The Gompa, 45 kilometers from Leh, will celebrate the festival of Hemis

on July 14 and 15 this year.

Things You Should Never Miss Out On A Trip To Ladakh:

you must plan a trip to Ladakh! Ladakh is the heaven on earth & one of the best places to visit in Kashmir. Surrounded by ice capped mountains of the Himalayan ranges and Karakoram.

Best Time to Visit:

if you want to experience the real beuty of Ladakh it is important to know which time is perfect to visiting ldakh.. However, it is best to avoid the period of mid-May to mid-September as during these months the monsoon season takes full control which results in frequent roadblocks and landslides and that can be quite dangerous. the rest of the year is absolutely perfect to enjoy the different vibes and aura of Ladakh.

5. Things to Explore in Ladakh:

1. Pangong Lake:

Pangong Lake is the highest salt water lake in the entire world, located

at a height of 4350 meters above sea level.

2.Diskit Monastery:

3.Royal Leh Palace:

You can experience the marvelous view of the entire Ladakh.

4.Nubra Valley:

The Nubra Valley is a cold dry region where the centre of attraction is

the Nubra river.

5.Khardung La:

This is the world’s highest motorable pass and thus the view is


6. White Water Rafting:

If you visit Ladakh in summers you must try white-water rafting which

is an extremely popular sport here.

7.Hemis National Park:

The Hemis National Park is the protected home for leopards, Tibetan

wolf, Eurasian brown bear,red fox and Asiatic Ibex amongst several

other endangered mammals.

When you plan your journey to Ladakh

Here’s what you need to survive:

. Sunscreen

. Hats and sunglasses

. Comfortable clothes including Jackets, Warmers as well as Cotton T-shirts

. Extra Batteries for your Camera and Power Bank

. Medicine kit

. duffel bag to carry everything you need for smaller trips around Leh.

Must carry:

Carry government photo-identity proof like driving license, PAN card,

Aadhaar card, which come handy at checkpoints, and in a case when,

permits are required.

Prepaid SIM cards don’t work well in Leh, but postpaid do.

once you should visit there it will really a very good experience to you. It’s a great place to be. It is truly one-of-a-kind experiences. Ladakh is a place like no other and it has a little something for everyone.

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