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"Holi kab hai, kab hai Holi" by Gabbar Singh is still the most iconic dialog on the festival of Holi. In India Holi is the one of the best festivals to celebrate with people as the festival is know for its energy and liveliness, the colours add a different flavour to the festival. People from around the world come to India just to witness the craziness and joy of this festival. The exploring colours around like a movie set where people you don’t even know come together and celebrate with you, brings a different kick all together so, let’s see places where India is all colourful on Holi with colours and all the different surprising things. And the festival is also celebrated as a religious festival as legends say that lord Krishna and Radha played Holi on this day long-long time ago. In India cinema this festival is quite highlighted with amazing songs on ‘Holi’. The only downside of this festival is, you can get dragged into people who get too high due to ‘bhang’ and do crazy things and if its your first time you are in for a ride you will not forget.

so, before you make any travel plans, read our list of the best places to celebrate the Holi Festival in 2021.

Best Places to Celebrate Holi Festival in India in 2021

  • Mathura. Known as the Braj, between Delhi and Agra, most known for Lord Krishna, the Hindu God most associated with the Holi festival. Legends say that it was in here where Radha played Holi with Krishna. Temples throughout are decorated the entire temple just comes under a colourful cloud when the festival kicks off the view at that time is just mesmerising people get devoted for this, they just throw their body towards the songs and enjoy the festival at its best. Making it one of the best places to celebrate Holi, as a colourful, musical arena at the Dwarkadheesh Temple.

  • Vrindavan. It’s a place crowded by journalists, photographers, travellers due to a very special reason, in this region the Holi is not celebrated with dry or wet colours, but its celebrated by petals or flowers making it a really beautiful scenery as if it’s a scene of a movie. Here the festival celebration is held for a week at Banke Bihari Temple to narrate the Radha -Krishna story, Vrindavan is one of kind.

  • Barsana. Its quite famous for its different style of Holi celebration known as electric Latthmaar Holi, where women strike men with a bamboo stick and the men defend their self with a shield and they throw colours on women. This craziness carries from Nandgoan to Barsana the whole town sings songs of Krishna & Radha’s stories and it’s a jolly time.

  • Anandpur. Its also known as Hola Mohalla, Holi celebration in Anandpur Sahib are a tradition demonstrating Sikh warriors. They demonstrate material arts as it passed on to them by generations, they also perform equestrian skills and to entertain people they use colourful fun fare in which gulal colour play features prominently. For Sikh people its like pilgrimage you can warriors known as Nihangs here.

  • Jaipur. Also known as the pink city. Just imagining what it could become in Holi as its name suggests a colour in it, yes you guessed it right it doesn’t just remain pink city it becomes a palate of colours. Its one of the hot spots for Holi celebration. A major focal point is the big gala bash in the palace hosted by the royal family in aid of local charities.

  • Hampi. It comes under very few South India cities which really celebrate Holi its very popular among travelling backpackers, it attracts people from all walks of life. People come from different cities and countries to enjoy this festival; the atmosphere is of total elation. After the day is over all people go to Tungabandra to clean up as a ritual.

  • Santiniketan. Also known as Basanta Utsav, it is celebrated in West Bengal. On the auspicious occasion the students of Vishwbharati University dress in yellow and do beautiful cultural shows and dances. Later they play Holi with teachers and other people.

  • Pushkar. If you want to play Holi with your friends somewhere different you can enjoy yourself in pushkar on the shore of Lake Pichola. Its like attending a party with glowing colours all day long its really a amazing expeience to live once in life.

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